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Filling Your Cup with Connection

We all exist as a collection of moments woven into stories.  Our stories matter.  They are what make us who we are, and guide us to who we will become.  We carry these stories, often in silence.  Some are easier to share than others, and more often than not, the tough ones to tell are the ones that most need to see the light of day.  

I am a firm believer that the best way to fill up is through connecting with other humans - and meaningful connection can only happen when we share the stories we carry with one another…stories we own, stories we borrow.  Stories of strength and overcoming limits.  Stories of finding faith and finding ourselves. Stories of cherished moments of growth from which we extract life lessons. 

We all have beautiful and unique stories to tell 

This is a space to share the stories we carry, because it's in the sharing that we find the strength to live our truth, believe in ourselves, overcome our fears and ultimately feel a little more connected and a little less alone.  Finding pieces of ourselves within one another is where the hope lives.

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