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A Message From Our Founder

Traveling Pendants is a brand built on the idea that connection is the one thing that, without fail, can give our lives meaning and purpose.  Connection has been everything in my life - connecting with other humans, sharing our stories, our similarities, our differences, has helped me feel supported.  At times when I have felt like an outsider, connection swoops right in to remind me I belong. Connection has kept me sober.  It has made me feel seen and heard and not so alone.  It has allowed me to live for others and not just for myself.  Connection has grown my ability to empathize and sympathize, and imagine myself walking around in someone else’s skin.  Connection has been everything in my life, and so I wanted to create something that would help others make meaningful connections in theirs.  That is just what these pendants do.  

They are more than jewelry - they are vehicles to create meaningful connections.  When you wear, then share a traveling pendant, you’re paying hope forward.  You’re connecting with another and saying, “I see you,” “I am here for you,” “you are strong enough to handle anything…and to make sure you never forget it, here is something that has carried my story and my strength, and I want you to have it.” That’s connection in action.  

I’ve had a dream to create this company for nearly two decades.  In fact, a few years ago I took a leap of faith to begin to bring to reality what I had dreamt for so long; but I never quite could carve out the time I needed to devote to getting it off the ground.  A few months ago I felt called to give this a real go.  So I resigned from a job that I absolutely loved working with incredible kids from the city of Dayton, and I thrust all my energy into creating something meaningful.  What I’m sharing with you today is the result of lots of hard work to reimagine a decade old dream. 

The products I make are more than beautiful jewelry.  They are called traveling pendants for a reason; they are made to travel.  To wear, to share, to carry stories and connect the giver and receiver for generations. 

Here’s how our pendants travel.

Wear ~ Share ~ Track
Each pendant has a unique number hand-stamped on the back.  Find your pendant's number and register it online. Wear the pendant while you need strength, and then pass it on to someone in need. Make sure the receiver adds their story to the pendant's online log too!

Once you start this chain of giving, there's no limit to how far your pendant can travel. Track it any time using your unique pendant number, and we'll send you updates when new strength stories are added to your pendant's log.

Our stories matter.  This brand is rooted in my deep belief that sharing our stories - finding pieces of ourselves within one another - is how we foster meaningful connection. 

Traveling Pendants are pendants with purpose.  They are designed to be the spark that ignites sharing and connecting, because that’s where the strength lives.  That’s where the hope lives. 



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