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Faith Pendant Antiqued


Wear this pendant to remember you are never, ever alone.  God is always there guiding you on your journey.  His promise is that you are always held by His infinite grace. Feel the weight of this touchstone on your chest, and remember you are loved, supported, and strong enough to handle anything.

Traveling Pendants are designed to travel! A trackable number on the back of each pendant allows you to register it online and log your story.  Draw from the pendants strength, infuse it with your own, then pass it on to someone in need.  Follow along as your pendant travels, creating a chain of love and support. 

Product Details

● Solid .925 Sterling Silver, Nickel Free
● Choose Your Chain Length
● Pendant measures .8" across
● Handcrafted with love in Ohio

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kathy J.
Love the Mission

The idea that these pendants are made to be worn for strength and then shared with someone else who needs strength really spoke to me. I wear mine every day and really find myself drawing on it for comfort. I am looking forward to the day I am called to pass it on.

Samantha B.
Runs Deep in My Heart

I absolutely love this pendant. The saying that goes along with it runs really deep in my heart. The packaging it comes in is really beautiful as well and made it even more special. I absolutely love the mission behind this company.

meaningful jewelry that carrys your story

Find your pendant´s
unique number and
register it online.

Wear the pendant as
a source of strength.

Pass it on to
someone in need.

Track it at any time
using your unique
pendant number.

When you wear and share a Traveling Pendant, you become a link in a powerful chain of support. There is no limit how far your pendant will travel!


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