Wear One Share One

Wear One Share One

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Choose any two Traveling Pendants at a discount.

Keep one for yourself - wear it as a reminder of your own strength.  Share the second one with someone who needs strength for their journey.  

Experience how these pendants are brought to life by the connection that is created between the giver and the receiver when they are shared.  

Each pendant has a unique number on the back.  When you receive one, register your pendant on our website.  

WEAR: Wear your pendant as a source of strength.

SHARE: When you're moved by someone who needs strength, pay your pendant forward. Share it and encourage the recipient to register it and do the same. 

CONNECT: Each time the pendant is shared, a connection is created. Follow your pendants journey here and connect with the people whose stories your pendant carries as it travels.   

  • Solid .925 Sterling Silver, very weighty (9.2 grams)
  • This product is handmade with love
  • Dimensions approximately 22 mm x 22 mm 
  • Chain: 18" Sterling Silver Curb Chain with lobster trigger clasp
  • Free Shipping
  • Nickel Free